Sports Massage

Pre-Event Sports Massage

Pre-event sports massage is aimed at boosting energy levels with brisk and vigorous Swedish massage techniques. The massage is focused on warming up and improving the circulation of the muscles that will be primarily used for the event.

Post-Event Sports Massage

The primary goal of a post-event massage is to help normalize the muscle tissues after rigorous physical exertion to help prevent soreness and stiffness the next day.


Restorative Sports Massage

It is important remain at a peak performance level and prevent injuries during training. Restorative sports massage helps to keep the muscles warm and supple which enables a wider range of motion and more intense exertion during training sessions.

Rehabilitative Sports Massage

Don't let a sports injury keep you benched. Rehabilitative sports massage can help speed recovery time due to a sports injury. Special massage techniques are performed on specific trouble spots to increase blood circulation and maintain a normal range of motion.


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